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Trøllabundin, Necklace Drum Back
Trøllabundin, Necklace Drum Back
Sterling Silver, Reindeer Hide, Ash, Norwegian Fjord Horse Hair, Hemp. Drum stick: Beech wood, Felted Wool, Hemp, Steel

(Back of Drum Pendant in Trøllabundin Necklace)

"When I first learned of Scandinavian musician Eivør Pálsdóttir, I was spellbound by the performance of this title piece. While beating her shamanic drum, her voice transcends into a melodic, yet animalistic chant reminiscent of the ancients. Shamanism is considered the oldest form of religion known to man and has been practiced in peoples all over the world for ages. The drumming on animal hide in shamanic ritual assists the participant in connecting with power animals and spirit guides in order to find enlightenment. For me, Eivør's passionate delivery in this piece conjures visions of warriors storytelling and reveling around a Viking fire. It leaves me with a feeling of strength and connection with the spirits of my ancestors."

-Maria Wolff
Artist Statement for the BLUE Music Show called 'Resonance'