• '20/20 Visionary', 2020

    A Metals Collective group show called 20/20 Visionary exhibited in Maine College of Art's Bob Crewe Gallery. A show of eyewear & visionary themes.
    For more information go to metalscollective.com.

  • MCA Featured Institutional Member Feature Article, 2020

    Maine Crafts Association features The Metals Collective on their 10th year anniversary!

    "Metalsmiths are some of craft’s ultimate conductors, taking raw materials and melting, twisting, hammering, smoothing, shaping, texturizing, and embellishing them into whatever form their mind has envisioned, in a symphony of inventiveness and agility. Metal craft brings us a wide range of objects of beauty to behold, from functional tools of incredible strength, to elaborate, dazzling, one-of-a-kind accessories with which we adorn ourselves. Since 2010, the members of Portland, Maine based Metals Collective have been working together and challenging each other to bring life to their visions for their individual and group metal craft. For ten years, the group has been growing and changing just like their vision, skill and reach.

    Originally founded by Maria Wolff and Holly L Gooch as Metal Heads Redux, an homage to a previous Portland group of metalsmiths from the 90’s called The Metal Heads Society, the group is currently composed of eighteen artists within different stages of their careers, each with different backgrounds and styles.

    The Metals Collective continues to surprise and excite its audience with intriguing and relevant work in a variety of unique exhibitions. These exhibitions encourage members to work outside of their individual comfort zones to breathe new life into their studio practice while enhancing their personal creative growth. Participating members respond to their given exhibition themes with extraordinary skill and exquisite vision, resulting in a profound collective experience often displayed where one would least expect to see a craft installation. This immersive technique exposes more people to the world of fine craft.

    One such unexpected exhibition space is the exceptional cocktail bar The Jewel Box on Portland’s Congress St. The beautiful and unique space has served as host of Piercing the Pickle (2015), The Fragrant Jewel (2016), Cocktail Accoutrements (2017), Refraction (2018), and most recently Cabinet of Curiosities (2019). Other locations have included Bar of Chocolate, Patty Daunis-Dunning Jewelry Shop, Maine College of Art, Portland Fine Craft Show, The Center for Maine Craft, and Fore River Gallery.....

    To read the full article with artist interview questions go to:



    Maine Crafts Association's gallery, Maine Craft Portland, presents a challenge for our MCA craft artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces that embody one of the many meanings The Holy Grail has held over the centuries.

    For more information: https://mainecrafts.org/the-holy-grail-miraculous-items-of-power-maine-craft-portland/

  • 'The Clever Cup', 2020


    For more information: https://mainecrafts.org/clever_cup_2020/

  • 'Cabinet of Curiosities', 2019

    A Metals Collective group show at Portland's The Jewel Box of pieces built upon the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' theme.

    For more information: https://mainecrafts.org/clever_cup_2020/

  • Nuptials: Adornment For A New Age, 2019

    Maine Crafts Association's gallery, Maine Craft Portland, unveils an alternative bridal show not to be missed! Over 20 craft artists have created one-of-a-kind ceremonial adornment, accessories, and jewelry that embody new ideas to present bridal with a twist!

    This 2-month long exhibit will showcase unique offerings for the discerning contemporary looking to get hitched in distinctive true to you style. How about matching hand stamped leather belts, lovers’ knot bracelets, or a silk skived unisex Kurta? These dazzling, ready to wear pieces, like all offerings at the Maine Craft Portland retail gallery were handcrafted by talented Maine-based craft artists.


    COLLECTIVI-TEA | Presented by the Metals Collective
    A group show of tea regalia.

    On View: January 8th – February 23rd, 2019 in the Center for Maine Craft Gallery

    For more information: https://mainecrafts.org/collectivi-tea-presented-by-metals-collective-of-portland/

  • Portland Fine Craft Show, Metals Collective Group Booth, 2019

    Maine Crafts Association annual juried fine craft show in Portland, Maine.

  • 'Refraction', 2018

    A Metals Collective group show of work inspired by the refractive visual and conceptual themes. Exhibition at Portland's Jewel Box.

  • 'Charmed', 2018

    A Metals Collective group show of jewelry work inspired by Valentine's day and themes of love & passion. This exhibition was on view at Portland's jazz club BLUE all times day and night for its duration.

  • AAW Gallery MECA,The Metals Collective Retrospective, 2017

    A retrospective of The Metals Collective work from former shows spanning 7 years. This gallery was collectively run by members of The Metals Collective in 'Artists at Work' Gallery at Maine College of Art.

  • 'Cocktail Accoutrements', 2017

    The Metals Collective puts on thier 3rd annual Jewel Box show with an apropos theme! The challenge this year was to make a bar tool and/or cocktail themed jewelry items.

    Where:The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box, Congress st Portland, Maine

    When: Opening Party June 2, 5-10pm
    and will be on exhibit through July, 2017

  • BLUE Presents 'Resonance', 2017

    A group show of jewelry inspired by music.

    Where: BLUE, Congress st, Portland, Maine

    On exhibit November 2016 - January, 2017

  • Maine Women Magazine Designer Profile, 2016

    Designer Profile Feature written by Maine Women Magazine writer Shannon Bryan.

    "Centuries have gone into Maria Wolff’s work. Her handcrafted jewelry—round pendants featuring colorful butterfly wings framed in silver, handwoven Viking chain earrings, a bracelet featuring the head of mythological beast—is a culmination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Each piece is a testament to folklore and family and the fellow makers she’s met over the years who have become another family of sorts.
    Maria first understood the art of craftsmanship through her father, a fifth-generation master cabinetmaker who was born in Denmark..."

    To read full article go to:

  • Yarmouth Clam Festival, July 15-17, 2016, Booth 134

    This year I am happy to announce that I will be exhibiting with 3 other talented metalsmiths, Naomi Grace McNeil, Emily Percival and Nicholas Downing from The Metals Collective. This will surely be a treat and a great offering of many techniques and design.

  • 'The Fragrant Jewel', 2016

    A group show inspired by the Georgian/Victorian wearable vinaigrette.
    On display at The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box, 644 Congress St, Portland,ME through July 29th, 2016

  • 'Bloom & Doom', 2016

    A Metals Collective group show inspired by Victorian tussie mussies and poison rings at The Fore River Gallery, Portland,ME
    Feb-March, 2016

  • Art & Craft Show-Yarmouth Clam Festival, July 17-20, 2015

    Booth 134

  • Portland Press Herald Feature Article on 'Piercing the Pickle', 2015

    Portland Press Herald's food editor, Peggy Grodinsky, interviews Metals Collective President Maria Wolff about The Metals Collective Pickle fork and relish spoon show called 'Piercing the Pickle'

    To read full article go to:

  • 'Piercing the Pickle', The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box & Green Gardens, 2015

    A traveling group show based on Pickle forks and condiment utensils.

    The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box, Portland, ME
    May 1 - June 21, 2015

    Green Gardens, Norway, ME
    July 3 - Aug 31, 2015

  • Fine Art & Craft Show-Audubon Center Falmouth,2014

  • Craft and Art Show-Yarmouth Clam Festival, 2014

  • 'Roots of Intoxication' Congress Bar and Grill, 2014

    A summer group show of jewelry inspired by favorite alcoholic beverages.

  • 'Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder', Bar of Chocolate 2014-

    An on-going group show of absinthe spoons.

  • MECA Holiday Sale

    Come join me with the Metals Collective at Maine College of Arts biggest sale and most festive First Friday Art walk of the year!

    Friday December 6th, 5pm-9pm
    Saturday December 7th, 10am-5pm

    Maine College of Art
    522 Congress Street, 2nd Floor by the Cafe
    Portland, ME 04101

  • Audubon Center Art & Fine Craft Show

    I am very pleased to announce my 1st year with this beautiful show
    at Gilsland Farm Audubon Center's 17th Annual show!
    Come enjoy the spleandor of nature and fine craft!

    20 Gilsland Farm Rd.
    US Route 1
    Falmouth, Maine

    Saturday August 17th, 10-5pm
    Sunday August 18th, 10-4pm

  • Maine College of Art Holiday Sale

    Come join us on the most festive of all First Friday Art Walks first weekend this December! I will be on exhibit in Maine College of Art's main floor with 5 other College Alumni showing a great body of work out of MECA's metalsmithing and jewelry department , Alumni from 1977 to the present!
    We are having fun with our display this year... Look for the bright white display of sculptures!
    A must see show!

    Maine College of Art
    Congress St, Portland

    Dec.7. 5-9pm
    Dec.8. 10-5pm

  • Craft & Art Show - Yarmouth Clam Festival

    I will be exhibiting all available butterfly wing jewelry pieces with the beautiful one of a kind gemstone jewelry of my former studio mate, Tina Dinsmore.
    Come enjoy this big summer festival fun and visit our booth!

    July 20, 21 and 22nd, 2012

    Friday and Saturday 10am – 9pm
    Sunday 10am - 5pm

    North Yarmouth Academy Lawn

  • Flat Iron Gallery-Summer Exhibition

    The Butterfly Collection will be on exhibit throughout the summer. Come and join us for the first Friday Art Walks on June 1, July 6 and Aug.3.

    Flat Iron Gallery
    594 Congress St
    Portland, ME 04101

    Across the street from the Portland Museum of Art

  • Fore River Gallery Presents: "The Butterfly Collection"

    New work will be on display featuring the addition of historical silhouette overlays. I am very excited for this show and am very proud to be exhibiting with Mike and Liz of Fore River Gallery.
    Fresh new colors and designs for my favorite time of year, Spring!

    The show opens April 6th and will run until May 26, 2012
    Come join us for the Art Walk First Friday!

    Fore River Gallery
    613 Congress St
    Portland , ME

  • Flat Iron Gallery

    'The Butterfly Collection' along with the 'Cameo Reproduction' run will be on exhibit throughout the year at the Flat Iron Gallery located at 594 Congress St-The Hay Building-2nd Floor.

  • Maine College of Art Holiday Sale 2011

    I will be exhibiting with 5 other MECA Alumni, William Christopher Keene, Molly Vogel, Jayne Redman, Ivy Derderian and Melody Anderson as a group show effort to represent MECA Alumni from 1977-2009. This should be an exciting and diverse feast for the eyes and body! Come check us out at
    Maine College of Art, top of the stairs on the second floor next to the library.


    First Friday 5-10pm
    Saturday 10-5pm


  • Metal Heads Redux, 2011

    A Metal Heads Redux group show at the beginning of many that then became The Metals Collective.
    This show was exhibited in the gallery of Patty Daunis-Dunning Fine Jewelry.

  • Absinthe Spoons by Maine Artists, 2011

    A group show of Absinthe spoons residing in Portland's Bar of Chocolate.

  • Flat Iron Gallery

    'The Butterfly Collection' will be exhibited at Portland's newest and finest gallery, Flat Iron Gallery, at 594 Congress St. above Starbucks and across the street from the Portland Museum of Art.

  • Yarmouth Clam Festival

    Yarmouth Clam Festival July 15th - 17th

  • Artist Studio Open House

    First Friday Open Studio May 6, 2011